Global Cooling
We are committed to reducing global warming and climate change.
100% of our profit will be spent on this purpose.
All out tees are fairly traded 100% organic cotton.


Feral's Mission statement

We are an ethical clothing company with one unshakeable purpose- to provide an innovative and unifying way to slow global warming and climate change, in style! We pledge 100% of profits to projects that offset greenhouse gases, or stop them being created in the first place. At least 10% will go to The Climate Group and the rest to other organisations or projects that can prove effective results.

In realising our goal Feral will show you exactly who we support and what the outcomes are. To do this we need your help. This could mean telling your loved ones about Feral, being a customer (we love our tees and hope you do too), or sending us an email of support.

Feral loves nature, we recognise all it gives and say now is the time to give back by taking intelligent, lawful, and effective action. Feral is inclusive, compassionate and purpose led. We mean business in leveraging our collective strong will into better demonstrable outcomes, today.

We also like quotes! - "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." - Aristotle


Feral is starting out selling 100% organic and fairly traded tshirts with strong and fun sustainability designs. Check out our range for great quality and design with a clear conscience.


The world is warming up. Polar ice is melting and sea levels are rising. This means global warming and climate change have arrived. We now have a unique window of opportunity to pull together and meet what Feral thinks is humankind's greatest challenge.

Feral believes many share our passion and commitment. History shows that when people act together great change can happen.

We aim to expand our range of eco goods and services and market overseas as soon as possible, before the end of 2014.

Feral invites you to help turn the tide on climate change.

Please share.

Privacy Policy

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